Board game services from one source

Dachshund Games offers as a game studio for customers and partners services that stand for game development and board game production. We help in development, support in implementation and act as German partner for international publishers.

Editorial office

It’s a challenging task to form a finished game from an idea or a prototype. We accompany you competently in this task and support you editorially.


You want to launch an international game in the German market and localize your game in German? We can translate, prepare and, if necessary, adapt game material and game rules for you.

Graphics & Layout

Games are visual media. Whether game material, box design or rule layout – we help you with your design. We create individual logos, card designs and artwork.

Editorial Office for board games

Board games are by no means just a loose collection of colourful game material that is packed together in a box. Behind every game are ingenious ideas, concepts and mechanisms. These have to be laid out, developed and polished.

We can help you bring all the different threads together for your game: Matching the ruleset, components, graphics and illustrations. We can help you find the right theme, assess complexity or adapt accessibility to your specific target audience. We can prepare test game rounds according to specific requirements and evaluate playtest feedback for you.

For us, editing is more than communication and coordination. For us, board game editing is a comprehensive overview of every detail for the benefit of the entire game experience.

Dachshund Games bietet Übersetzungen und Redaktion für Brettspiele, Kartenspiele und analoge Medien für Kunden aus aller Welt an

Spielübersetzung von Deutsch zu Englisch bietet Dachshund Games das Boardgame Studio aus dem Rheinland für Kunden und Spiele aus der ganzen Welt an.

Translation for board games

The German games market is booming. In German living rooms, dice and card games are being brought to the tables like crazy. In Germany, games that are also available in German of course dominate the market.

We help you localize international game titles for the German market and offer game-specific translations. Our focus is on English-language titles, but together with international partners we are able to serve other languages as well: whether French, Spanish or Japanese – we localize your game for Germany:

  • game rules and game aids
  • game material: cards, boards, tableaus
  • games boxes
  • other promotional material

We bring our game know-how into every translation and can translate mechanics and subtleties correctly and make them understandable for German players. If necessary, we can also offer you a restructuring of the rules to optimize the set-up time and make it easier to learn the game for the German market.

Graphics & layout for board games

Games should be fun. That’s where a corresponding graphic design helps, which we can help you with. Dachshund Games offers you, for example:

  • game logo development and creation,
  • typography consulting,
  • individual graphic design,
  • Look & Feel design,
  • game rule set and layout,
  • or artwork.

You have a visual vision, but don’t know how to achieve it? We are here for you and can help you with your graphic projects.

Unsere Brettspielservices von Dachshund Games umfassen Layout und Grafik für Spiele, Regeln und Brettspiele und Gesellschaftsspiele


Together we’re stronger. You’re in the planning stages of a bigger project? The tasks are getting bigger and you’re running out of time? We go hand in hand with you and provide you with the input you lack.


A new look, fresh impulses? Whether as a problem solver in stressful bottlenecks, as an editor for a promising prototype or as a graphic studio for your kickstarter campaign? We are here for you.

Know-how & passion

We are game designers, game publishers and game nerds. We live, love and breathe games. We offer you trained eyes and extensive expertise.

Are you looking for support?

We’ll help you! Just get in touch with us and we will support you on your way to the board game products.

Besides these board game services Dachshund Games also offers game development (only in German).